On the eve of Angolan independence an agoraphobic woman named Ludo bricks herself into her apartment for 30 years, living off vegetables and the pigeons she lures in with diamonds, burning her furniture and books to stay alive and writing her story on the apartment s walls Almost as if we re

This is a very personal book, about being alone and lost In 1975 Kapuscinski s employers sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had broken out after independence For months he watched as Luanda and then the rest of the country collapsed into a civil war that was in the author s words

Luanda, Angola, 1990 Ndalu is a normal twelve year old boy in an extraordinary time and place Like his friends, he enjoys laughing at his teachers, avoiding homework and telling tall tales But Ndalu s teachers are Cuban, his homework assignments include writing essays on the role of the workers

Ondjaki, o escritor angolano j bem conhecido do p blico por obras como o assobiador 2002 , quantas madrugadas tem a noite 2004 , os da minha rua 2007 , Av Dezanove e o segredo do sovi tico 2008 , entre outros t tulos, sempre colocou Angola, e em particular Luanda, de onde natural, no centro

Pepetela s novel is a fascinating study of the tensions produced by racism, tribalism, and sexual morals.

Following the success of the acclaimed Ghost Train to the Eastern Star and The Great Railway Bazaar, The Last Train to Zona Verde is an ode to the last African journey of the world s most celebrated travel writer Happy again, back in the kingdom of light, writes Paul Theroux as he sets out on a

From Angola, a country riddled with civil war and its aftereffects for the last 30 years, comes a surprising story of hope, passion, and magical realism from a groundbreaking, young African novelist A young man arrives at the church of a small African village and starts whistling so beautifully

Faustino Manso, famoso compositor angolano, deixou ao morrer sete vi vas e dezoito filhos A filha mais nova, Laurentina, realizadora de cinema tenta reconstruir a atribulada vida do falecido m sico Em As Mulheres do Meu Pai, realidade e fic o correm lado a lado, a primeira alimentando a segunda.

Na o Crioula conta a hist ria de um amor secreto a misteriosa liga o entre o aventureiro portugu s Carlos Fradique Mendes cuja correspond ncia E a de Queiroz recolheu e Ana Ol mpia Vaz de Caminha, que, tendo nascido escrava, foi uma das pessoas mais ricas e poderosas de Angola Nos fins do

O romance de Jos Eduardo Agualusa conta a vida fant stica de Dona Ana de Sousa, a Rainha Ginga 1583 1663 , cujo t tulo real em quimbundo, Ngola , deu origem ao nome portugu s para aquela regi o de frica a hist ria de uma rela o de amor e de combate permanente entre Angola e Portugal, narrada

A journalist is trying to find out what happened to Lidia, who disappeared in Luanda in 1992 a point in time when the civil war flared up again with unprecedented ferocity The story tells of the disappointment of the two protagonists, which represents the disappointment of a whole nation.

La cosmopolite Adolescent, Rui vit en Angola avec ses parents et sa soeur En 1975, la guerre civile fait rage et, comme tous les Blancs, ils doivent partir pour la m tropole Mais c est trois qu ils feront le voyage de retour soup onn par l arm e de lib ration d tre le boucher de Grafanil